Bollywood Dance 寶萊塢舞蹈

日期: 2016-03-08 - 2016-03-29

Bollywood Dance 寶萊塢舞蹈


Bollywood Dance 寶萊塢舞蹈



寶萊塢舞蹈集多種世界不同種類舞蹈於一身, 包括卡塔克,各種來自印度各部族的印度民族舞, hip hop, Jazz, 現代舞, 中東及拉丁舞蹈 ! 它是一種高能量又充滿歡樂, 令你充滿正能量, 是其中一種最有效消除壓力疲勞的良方!




Bollywood dance is mostly modeled on a combination of Indian & Western, where styles such as the classical dance Kathak, and vibrant Indian folk dance elements of various regions of India come together with Hiphop, Jazz, contemporary, Middle Eastern, Latin and other world styles. It is a high energy, fun dance style that will leave you with a smile on your face after the classes and is a very effective way for combating any stress !! 




Biography - Uday Sathala



Uday Sathala is a talented and renowned Indian Dance Instructor and Choreographer in Hong Kong. He has been dancing since the age of 8. He is a professional dance artist recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh – Department of Culture, who studied Classical Indian dance and performed in various occasions including the 32nd National Games in India. He started teaching in 2000, and has conducted professional dance trainings in India, Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong. He has a charismatic personality which reflects in his teaching style.


Uday Sathala是香港著名而富有才華的印度舞導師和編舞者, 他來自南印度安得拉邦,是當地政府文化部認可的舞蹈藝術家。從八歲開始學習舞蹈,包括印度民族舞蹈及西方舞蹈,持有印度古典舞蹈卡薩克(Kathak)証書。2000年在印度開始投入舞蹈相關工作:舞蹈老師、舞蹈員、排舞師等。在香港及其他亞洲地區具備豐富教學經驗,他擅長以講解及親身示範教授,令學員容易掌握舞蹈技巧之餘亦能感染印度舞之輕鬆歡樂氣氛,深受學員愛戴。


Date 日期:March 8, 15, 22, 29 (Tuesdays, 逢星期二)

Time 時間: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (晚上)

Venue 地點:Dance Studio at CCCD 社區文化發展中心舞蹈室

Course Fee 費用:HK$700

Instructor導師:Uday Sathala


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