節目二: 手語如詩

日期: 2020-10-05

Programme 2
5/10/2020 週一 Mon

影片開放時間Films available at:7pm-10pm
片長 Film duration:90 mins

手語尬詩 Deaf Jam

導演 Director: Judy Lieff
2012/70’ /美國 USA/英語對白、美國手語 In English with American Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


The film centers on the experience of Aneta Brodski, a deaf teenager living in Queens, New York, who becomes immersed in the dynamic and three-dimensional form of American Sign Language poetry. When Aneta, the Israel-born ASL poet, eventually meets Tahani, a Palestinian, oral poet, the two begin to collaborate, creating a new form of poetry that gains recognition in Deaf and hearing communities alike.


致健聽的世界 Dear Hearing World

導演 Director: Adam Docker
2019/4’ 06 /英國 UK/英語對白、英國手語 In  English with British Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles

致健聽的世界是一部由 Adam Docker 執導的短片,改編自詩人Raymond Antrobus的一首詩。這部電影把聾人女演員 Vilma Jackson 強力而發人深省的英國手語表演,融合音樂和倫敦的都市風光。這重要的作品呼籲「健聽霸權」的世界承認聾人對聽覺世界所表示的不滿和憤慨。

Dear Hearing World is a short film directed by Adam Docker, based on Raymond Antrobus’ poem by the same name. The film blends deaf actress Vilma Jackson’s powerful and thought-provoking performance in British Sign Language with music and striking urban London scenes. This important work calls out ‘audio supremacy’ and asks the world to acknowledge the deaf protagonist’s defiant indignation at their treatment by the hearing world.

再别康橋 Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again

導演 Director: 隨手執夢手語文化中心  iSigner Sign Language Culture Center
2019/3’ 17 /中國 China/普通話對白、中國手語 In Madarian with Chinese Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


Deaf actor presents the poem "Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" in Chinese Sign Language. "Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" is a well-known poem in modern China written by Xu Zhimo. In the fall of 1928, the author revisited Cambridge, England for the last time, and returned to China by boat. When passing through the South China Sea, he integrated the scenery and attachment of Cambridge into his poem, expressing his sorrow of saying goodbye to Cambridge.


念奴嬌•赤壁懷古 Charm of a Maiden Singer -- Memories of the Past at Red Cliff

導演 Director: 隨手執夢手語文化中心    iSigner Sign Language Culture Center
2019/2’17 /中國 China/普通話對白、中國手語 In Madarian with Chinese Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


Deaf actor re-interprets the classic poetry of the Song dynasty "Charm of a Maiden Singer- Memories of the Past at Red Cliff" by Su Shi in Chinese Sign Language. Su Shi was a writer in the Song Dynasty. But his talent was not being appreciated and he was being removed repeatedly  from his government post. He wrote a lyric of Song Ci based on the scenic surroundings of the Red Cliffs, and used Zhou Yu's deeds to contrast his own experience. Although he was very envious of Zhou Yu, he showed a carefree see through attitude.


無聲版水圖 Silent Version of Water Scene

導演 Director: 喬晟祥 Qiao Shengxiang
2018/11’ 20 /中國 China / 中國手語 Chinese Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


No conductor, no music. Dance to the Deaf is an immersion back in  life as well as an unbridled artistic expression. We interpret life with free variation of unrestrained body movements. A strong power of art specific to deaf culture has thus been co-constructed by the silent existence and the tangible body. We are hence exposed to everything in the world more thoroughly. The film won the "Best Director Award" at the Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival, and was nominated for People’s Choice Award of The 2nd Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival.

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